Brick by Brick, Pixel by Pixel – Welcome to the Dev Blog for MOCplans

Hello world!

Since we unveiled our idea to build a marketplace for MOC (my own creation) Lego instructions in September 2012, we’ve had some phenomenal interest, comments and inquiries.

While, we expect an expeditious initial build phase to launch the first version of our website, its not going to happen overnight. As many Lego enthusiasts know, building something worthwhile takes diligence, planning, forethought and time.

So, rather than go into a cave for months, we decided to be open and transparent during our development process.

There are benefits to this:

• We can test ideas, features and engage in conversation and collaboration with fellow enthusiasts

• We can invite early adopters to test features

• Designers interested in selling their MOC instructions will not only get a feel for the platform as it shapes up but also insight (and hopefully trust) into our intentions and goals.


MOCplans Team