Time for an Update

Well, after months of work we had to start over.

There is a bright spot however!

The “start-over” was really more of a take two steps back to allow us to leap ahead.  Our commerce platform just simply wasn’t suitable for what we were trying to do so we completely abandoned it and have decided to move forward with an even more robust solution that should be able to handle things in the foreseeable future.

The good news in all of this is that all of our front-end design work was still in perfect shape to be used and the loss of time shouldn’t amount to anything too large.

In fact!, we hope to be testing a working version of the site in the next week or so.  If all goes well, we plan to open the site to a few pre-loaded designs to start with in order to test the platform on the user side.  From there we intend to allow a few designers to load up their designs from their control panel (rather than admin uploaded) and give us feedback about the designer side before we go for a full public launch.

All of this means….  A better product for you the users (and designers) that has been tested and proved before the general masses start to use the site.

Hang in there!



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